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Fascinating Art by Pius GallikerMay 2019

The works of Pius Galliker are classified as spontaneous realism. Painting with layers of paint, which appear to be spontaneously, but they are not. It does not have to be “right”, but it has to be harmonious. This requires an eye for the essentials, the trivial is omitted and characteristic is all the more emphasized. Investing in valuable art and owning art makes you proud. You can either buy or rent Pius Galliker's art. Visit us at Via Maistra 33, 7500 St. Moritz and let yourself be fascinated by Pius's paintings. For more information please visit

Flush Mounted Crestron 15” Touch Panel using a SVH Designed Aluminum Mounting FrameApril 2019

We did it again! Our customer is completely satisfied with our smart home solution which we designed and implemented just for his residence in St. Moritz. The demanding requirement: Combine design, lifestyle and ergonomics. For example, home automation, light and blind control, access control with venous scan, multi-room audio / video systems have been programmed on 15 and 7 inch Crestron touch panels. The Lutron light switches operate light and multimedia at the touch of a button. Automatic absence scenarios for a protected home controllable via smart phone and adaptive, environmentally friendly energy use included. Result: A bespoke and innovative integration solution for a luxurious, safe living with a high quality of life. Interested in how you can turn your home into a smart home? Then send a mail now!  


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