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The Management

Peter Grossmann
Managing Partner


Markus Huber
Managing Partner & CEO


Prisca Bäni
Managing Partner

Showhouse Fahrwangen

Experience our show house virtually or live in Fahrwangen and see for yourself intelligent home automation – smartly integrated. Take our remote controls and start up the systems. Check it all out, start with the media technology, home cinema, light & blinds, security and energy & indoor climate system.

Showroom St. Moritz

Enjoy high-end audio par excellence in St. Moritz. Music is pure emotion. An outstanding sound experience requires perfectly tuned technology. Only the best of the best finds its way to our shop St. Moritz. Selected material matched tone-on-tone, together reach the goal and provide an almost live concert feeling. Test our high end audio systems from NAIM combined with Focal or B&W Speakers, the Linn system and be impressed by this outstanding high quality.

We value our customer’s privacy. Because of this we do not list our projects on our home page. Please inquire personally for any reference or case studies.

Please call and make an appointment for Fahrwangen or St. Moritz. We take our time, listen and are ready for your challenges.