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We are here for you even during the temporary closure of the store! Our store will be closed by order of the federal government probably until February 28.
For consultations and questions we are of course still available by phone at 081 552 0404, by e-mail via

Currently the following regulations apply in detail:

We continue to accept orders via our webshop. If you do not find what you are looking for in our webshop, we will of course be happy to take your order by phone or e-mail. Items that are in stock will be shipped the following day at the latest.

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Please note that consultations in the store are not possible until February 28. For detailed consultations it is best to contact us by phone 081 552 0404.

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We thank you very much for your customer loyalty and wish you and your family health and all the best for the coming weeks!

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2020 is drawing to a close at last. It was a year that made huge demands on all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world and stopped it in its tracks. Christmas is coming, and this year everything will be different – that much is certain. Atmospheric Christmas markets in the run-up to Christmas, merry Christmas parties with friends and colleagues, long-awaited family get-togethers, heading into the mountains for a skiing holiday – all these things will be very restricted this year… if they happen at all.

So, this holiday season is unlike any other, to cap off a year unlike any other. Throughout this season, and as we move into a new, and hopefully better, year, we wish you moments of peace amid the difficulties, connections with family and friends even if they cannot be in person, the warmth of memories from holidays past, and wonderful glimpses of the joy that still lives under the surface.

We wish you endurance, strength, health, and as much happiness as these times can allow!

Season’s Greetings from the entire SVH Team.

Black Friday originally comes from the USA. It is always the Friday after Thanksgiving and therefore always the 4th Friday in November. The Black Friday is known to ring in the Christmas shopping season. But is Black Friday worth it? Hand on heart: you don’t save by spending money! But if you plan to buy a network player, all-in-one player or even a home theater anyway, Black Friday is definitely worth it!

Benefit from discounts on selected products of well-known HiFi manufacturers. The offer starts 26. November 2020  at midnight, 00:00 and ends Cyber Monday, 30.11.2020 at 24:00.

All Black Friday products will not be demonstrated. Items listed as “Demo” are our demonstration models and have 1 year warranty, all others have the normal manufacturer warranty.

Due to the expected high volume, stock items may sell out quickly. The first-come, first serve principle applies. Note: the homepage is not adjusted daily to reflect items out of stock. We will inform you when goods must be ordered from the manufacturer. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, delivery delays of up to 5 weeks may occur on the part of the manufacturer. We appreciate your understanding.

Home Cinema St. Moritz

The start of the winter season is on December 5, 2020 and from then our shop is open six days a week and have prepared a few happening.

Look forward to Samsung’s “The Wall” which can be tested daily from mid-December. The Wall is a modular microLED display that offers a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true colors and Samsung’s AI image enhancement. Any movie, video or sporting event will be larger than life with The Wall from Samsung. A very special viewing experience. The Wall coupled with an Ascendo Dolby Atmos Surround System, a custom made home cinema that delivers what it promises.  Seeing and hearing is believing. You too will be thrilled.

Of course we still have to deal with the special Corona situation this winter. Our small but fine events are all Corona-proof.  Sign up for the “Live from Berlin” concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic, among others. Only with us you can enjoy these concerts live and in Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. A pleasure like in the concert hall.

Due to the federal regulation we can admit a maximum of 7 persons to these concerts. Register now, it is first come- first serve.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

For all of you who don’t have the Tagesanzeiger in your subscription – online or just the printed (analogue) version – but are looking for vinyl records again, then please read on here.

You will find the friendliest clerk at HUM Records, the biggest selection at 16 Tons, Oor Records for the avant-garde amongst you and the DJ’s search at http://www.sihlrecords.comSihl Records. You can find the Tagi excerpt here. If you can’t open it, just send us a mail and we will send it to you.

So if you found what you were looking for and you proudly have some new vinyl in your hands, then you still need the right turntable with accessories, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Sound Vision House.

Come by and let us advise you which tonearm, pickup, drive and preamplifier will now fit your system.

We love vinyl and analog music listening. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.




Take your first step into authentic hi-fi with Majik DSM. One box does it all: just add speakers. The powerful combination of network music player, pre-amp and power amp, all in one timeless package, is peerless.

Majik DSM has all the connectivity to handle anything you throw at it, wired or wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth. Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, your own stored music collection… Whether you’re streaming music or using one of the many inputs to plug in your 4K TV, Sky box, Apple TV, Games Console… even a turntable, with Majik DSM at the heart of all your home entertainment you’ll get the best possible sound from everything you listen to, in one room or many. Majik DSM is an ideal solution for additional rooms, such as the den, family room or bedroom, particularly where there may be other home entertainment sources in use. Majik DSM serves as an ideal hub for all these sources and is a neat way of expanding Linn sound throughout the home.


Many best agers in the 50-plus generation would like to live independently within their own four walls for as long as possible. This is where technology can help and support: With a smart home home automation system, certain scenarios can be programmed in your own home and thus support the normal processes or, if necessary, automatically call for help. In the event of an emergency, you can activate all lights and alarm systems and inform relatives with a single push of the panic button. Care services can also be closely integrated into the Smart Home.

But of course the pleasant things can also be easily regulated and controlled at the same time via a touch panel. Pre-programmed scenarios for light, TV, music, heating, blinds offer a lot of comfort and simplify life. With the help of sensors, e.g. the sun blinds, heating, light become independent and regulate themselves automatically, saving electricity included!  Motion and presence detectors simplify daily life. A motion detector can ensure that the cooker switches off if there is no one in the kitchen for a certain period of time. So you can forget about the pot.  The entrance door is monitored with picture and sound and shows the owner in the house who rings the doorbell. As soon as the doorbell rings, the video camera at the entrance transmits the live image and the intercom is activated – a finger wipe is enough to open the front door to people you know without having to get up. The door can also be opened using a chip or code – no more searching for keys. Life becomes simple and easy, saving money inclusive!

When leaving the apartment, a single “button” can be used to switch off the entire apartment and activate the alarm system. If windows are still open, the house control system reminds you to close them by means of an audio-visual display. This gives security and a good feeling.

These are just a few ideas of what a smart home can look like.  The Smart Home / apartment needs to be well planned and properly implemented. Just ask us. We will help you to transform your home into a sustainable Smart Home.

Give your home an avant-garde touch!

Play with your light with design switches from Basalte: Chopin – Meet the Maestro! Virtuoso and stylish. In a way, controlling the Chopin keypads feels a bit like playing the piano. Push the levers up or down for lights or curtains or music. Just as you like.

Be inspired by Fibonacci’s golden ratio. Fibonacci switches bring natural beauty to your home. The touch-sensitive surface creates effortless operation and control. The symbols and text labels can be customized to your exact needs.

Fibonacci, Chopin or Sentido, all are real eye-catchers and turn a simple switch into a designer piece. Let yourself be inspired and watch this.

Decide today for sustainable, environmentally conscious, power efficient LED along with Basalte’s new avant-garde keypads. Ask us, we are happy to advise you.

Actually we never left and worked on our projects in the background. But of course we had to close the shop in March.

Now we all see again some light in the tunnel and will be herefor you again starting 11 May 2020. Of course, taking into account the measures that have been laid down.

We hope you have survived the lockdown well and, like us, are looking forward to an (almost) normal everyday life.

This crisis, which got us all into trouble, is of course not quite over yet. Step by step, openings are now being planned.

Cinemas are still waiting for the green light from the government. No one can yet estimate what this will mean for the industry.

The new films are either be postponed or put directly onto a streaming platform. With a great screen

4K or may it be 8K combined with a Dolby Atmos surround system you have your own cinema at home.

You think it needs a lot of space? You will be surprised what our architect will draw up for you. We would be happy to discuss your personal cinema with you on site or in our shop.


Create a turntable that’s truly unique to you with two exquisite new personalisation options.

Match any Colour

All Sondek LP12 turntables can be made in any high gloss colour finish. Inspiration could come from anywhere. Whether it’s the colour of your favourite shirt or a shade from your best-loved album, you’ll receive a beautifully hand-crafted product that’s personal to you.

All Linn speakers can be finished in the same high gloss colour, so you can even match your speakers to your deck for a co-ordinated look across your system.

If bold colours aren’t to your taste, all of Linn’s standard wood finishes are now also available in high gloss, along with Piano Black and High Gloss White.

Make it your own

For the ultimate in bespoke, you can now monogram your LP12 with up to 4 letters, precision laser-etched onto your armboard*, to make it truly yours forever. *available for Keel only

You can preview Linn personalisation options here:

Karousel a new, innovative precision-engineered design which will improve vinyl reproduction form every LP12 ever made.

Karousel, Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing, offers smoother rotation and greater stability for even better sound from your Sondek LP12. (more…)