Studio Sound at Home – An Audiophile Pleasure

Enjoying music with a sophisticated audio system is a piece of “savoir vivre.” Today, music is listened anywhere with headphones or simply at home. From a seemingly unmanageable supply of products to find the right system, which matches your ideas and imagination, is not exactly easy. We offer the leading brands in the high-end segment: NAIM with Focal loudspeakers, the complete Linn systems, the B&W speakers and turntables from Clearaudio. From classical analogue to modern digital sources both unfold a large, colorful music world. You have the choice. Not everything that is possible, is wanted or needed. Design, sound quality and emotions will be just some of the decision factors.

Let yourself be surprised by the fascinating possibilities of a modern audio system, by the fantastic sound images. Are you still just listening or already indulging in this new world of music?


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Our Audio-Systems

Naim electronic is designed with the aim of bringing the listener close to the original performance, the live concert. Naim accomplishes this by creating a silence around the notes, bridging the distance between the listener and the artist’s intention. During development, it is noted that all sound-relevant parts get their own spatial environment. No interaction between circuits ensures true-to-original dynamics in play. This rendering solves Focal Stella Utopia EM brilliantly. You can literally feel the bass, the Bellirium tweeter is experienced as absolutely superb and together they create a fantastic, ultra-precise and perfectly formed sound with fulminant dynamics. The ultra-high-end sound redefined!

NAIM 300 and 500 systems coupled with Stella Utopia EM and B&W 800 D3 are always ready to be demonstrated. The newly designed NAIM Uniti series can also be found in our showroom in St. Moritz.

Music is important. Our whole life is shaped by music. Music preserves the precious moments in life and intensifies our emotions. The Scottish company Linn develops and manufactures one of the best music systems worldwide. Linn systems are changing the way you listen to music and radio at home. Play the best with the best. A Linn system, installed with few cables, also solves the shackles of compressed music formats and only then we experience the music in all its splendor and beauty. A Studio Master Album by Linn Records shows what a Linn system, from Kiko to Klimax, can do; uncompromisingly honest. A Linn music system reproduces the favorite artists and albums in the best possible, room-optimized sound quality. Built with love for eternity using only the highest quality design materials with an unbelievable attention to detail.

Our 5 series, the Klimax 350 and the legendary LP12 are ready for the challenge.

The supreme discipline of audiophile – the analogue high end – is technology, workmanship and design merged perfectly to one goal: the best possible music reproduction.

Linn’s Sondek LP12 caused a true revolution at its launch in 1972.  To this day, it is considered a reference standard worldwide, because it is considered to be the ultimate analogue drive par excellence and the benchmark of several generations of turntables. Each component of the Sondek LP12 serves only one purpose, to just get as much music information out of the vinyl as possible, as clear and precise as cut by mastering engineers. Because: whatever the signal source loses, no other component of the High End System can recuperate.

Clearaudio means German values, custom work and drive technology at its best. Clearaudio’s, development, design and production all remain in one hand. From the tiniest component to the heavy audiophile work of art, Clearaudio creates everything in meticulous manual work – with precision and passion. Only precisely manufactured mechanism guarantee perfect smoothness and freedom from resonance when playing records. In the spot light are two parameters: maximum performance of music reproduction and technically effective design – the aesthetic beauty of their creations alone would not be enough for Clearaudio.

For years, we ourselves have been curious fans of vinyl and we have a vast experience our customer can rely on.

Wirelessly, (via Airplay and Chromecast) almost any tablet or smartphone plays music on our systems. The music is controlled and retrieved from a local server by either remote control or App. Services like Spotify, Tidal or Qobus and web radios are readily available and enjoyed.

Multiroom refers to the networking of the players. All devices access a shared library but play different music independently in different rooms or zones. Of course, any number of zones can be connected together to play the music in the so-called party mode. Both, Naim and Linn have been development pioneers and market leaders of these systems.  In short, the modern sound system is a network throughout the house.