Linn Whole Home brings together the full Linn product portfolio into one premium audio solution. Using Linn’s range of high performance music systems you now have the flexibility different solutions to suit any space in your home, all with unrivalled sound quality.

From the rack-mountable, multi-zone Kustom DSM, to digital and analogue sources, full systems and wireless speakers, Linn’s products are easy to install, fully configurable and reliably robust. Encompassing five decades of innovative engineering and three decades of proven in-channel multi-room expertise, Linn provides the most immersive and enriching listening experience in every room.

Take a Tour of the Linn Home and see for yourself how cool it is :  Linn 3D Tour

Linn Whole Home comprises 4 elements:
Integrated Sound, Experiential Zones, Enriched Living and Seamless Control.

With a Kustom DSM the Integrated Sound element of Linn’s Whole Home offering, providing high quality sound throughout the home that’s heard but not seen.

Experiential Zones create the most immersive and impactful listening zones using highest quality audio systems or separates.

Enriched Living focuses on Series 3’s wireless capability which enables it to provide incredible sound to areas that are hard to reach by cable.

Finally, this is all underpinned by Seamless Control as all Linn systems work together seamlessly and can be fully integrated and controlled as part of a wider smart home automation system, such as Crestron or Control4.