In the last few years Linn’s DS has undergone some fantastic developments, including:

  • The introduction of Space Optimisation
  • Katalyst release, a true performance upgrade
  • Integration of 24-bit streaming service Qobuz Sublime+ and Spotify Connect

Purchase a Klimax DS or Klimax DSM and receive a complimentary Majik DSM. Purchase an Akurate DS or Akurate DSM and receive a complimentary Sekrit DSM.

The complimentary Majik DSM or Sekrit DSM equates to a whole new room of music. Captivate with music, movies and games to show the full potential of owning a Lin DSM player. A Linn source will make any system sound better.

Any questions? Please call us, we are happy to help.

Note: Klimax Exakt DSM and Akurate Exakt DSM are excluded from this offer. Orders must be placed latest 26 January 2018