My Movie Theater – Our Perfect Solution for Your Residential Cinema!

In our showroom, located in the prestigious area of St. Moritz, is set to be a spectacular display of what Sound Vision House stands for: innovative technology, first class luxury and cutting edge audio and video design called My Movie Theater. It will be the perfect opportunity for partners and clients to experience first-hand what Sound Vision House can offer for those looking for something special at their residential property. Not only designed for brand enthusiasts but to everybody who wants to encounter impeccable sound, design and a sensory experience.
The new showroom is a private cinema equipped with an 82″ 8K QLED TV from Samsung and the 3D sound of Ascendo. With Samsung’s 8K QLED TVs, you can enter the world of true 8K resolution and experience a new dimension of reality. Thanks to an incredible 33 million pixels, four times more than 4K, every single image radiates expressiveness and spatial depth. Samsung impresses even on a large screen diagonal with crisp images and pure details. It doesn’t matter how close you are in front of the screen – there are simply no pixels visible.

The video was filmed medium iPhone directly from the 8K screen…. a copy and yet razor sharp!

Unparalleled in its visuals and designed to refine, the bespoke private cinema can be is build in any space providing an awe-inspiring edge. The sound three-dimensional in the picture, clean and articulated in speech intelligibility, clear and differentiated in the playback, extremely precise down to the lowest bass positions, coupled with unprecedentedly lively dynamics and at the same time the finest detail resolution. You are not just watching a movie you are in it.

Join us and experience the incredible new way of watching a movie with My Movie Theater.

Our team will be available to accommodate your needs, and help you with everything from initial consultancy to final implementation.

Your professinal team

Hinzer Architektur AG puts your ideas on paper!

Elektro Weisstanner AG lays cables and powers it all up!

Sound Vision House AG sets new standards in sight and sound!

Schreinerei Giovanoli AG adds wooden chic!

Baumann AG Innendekorationen embellishes with fabrics and colors!


Your person of contact:
Markus Huber und Prisca Bäni at Sound Vision House AG