Best seats in the front row! My Movie Theater, your personal private cinema buildt by experts

Première 21. December 2019

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My Movie Theater  made by a group of local companies, all experts in their own field. We, Baumann AG InnendekorationElektro Weisstanner  AG, Hinzer Architektur AGSchreinerei Giovanoli & Co. and Sound Vision House AG, are buildling an impressive residential cinema, bespoke and individually you!

“THE WALL” by Samsung combined with the immersive sound of Ascendo. A warrant for an incomparable, incredible, next-generation audiovisual experience. Immerse yourself with “The Wall”, a stunning state-of-the-art display and the equally sophisticated, immersive Dolby Atmos audio system to experience a home cinema second to none!  Unlimited picture in any form and size, immersive sound built modularly  –  the home cinema is truly redefined! Movies are seen in lifelike colors heard with an immersive crystal-clear sound and are definitively felt. Be in it, see it, hear it, feel it.

Curious? We are ready to present you our new cinema, starting Monday 23, December 2019. Due to limited space we kindly ask you to pre-book your show, calling 081 552 0404.  We are looking forward to seeing you in St. Moritz!

Set in the iconic Port Hercules in the principality of Monaco, the Monaco Yacht Show represents the pinnacle of luxury. Each year, the MYS curates the exhibition of 125+ extraordinary one-off superyachts built by the world’s most respected shipyards. Monaco provides the ultimate showcase from the most reputable superyacht builders, award winning yacht designers, luxury suppliers, influential brokerage houses to the most sought-after water toys, prestige cars, helicopter and private jet manufacturers.

…. SVH is in the middle of it… call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your (smart)yachting requirements.  We are looking forward to meeting you again in Monaco.

We were able to see and test them personally and are thrilled: HYM thinks sound and design in new standards! Architectural speakers for unique and emotional sound experiences. HYM blends sound, light and architecture into an emotional experience. Excellent sound, high quality design and innovative technology. Made in Germany.

HYM delta – the revolutionary built-in loudspeaker that inspires!

There has never been such a thing: A radial radiator, which elegantly sinks down from the ceiling. A challenging development that has been mastered! The sound is distributed voluminously and evenly to 360 ° in the room, because tweeters and woofers radiate precisely over an internal reflector. This listening experience gets under your skin.


The extendable built-in loudspeaker also has something new to offer in terms of aesthetics:

At rest, it is almost invisible to the viewer, but activated by a music signal or press a button, it subtly drops off 40 millimeters. Even in this condition it remains an elegant design element.


The interplay of functionality, sound and design is extraordinary with this speaker and, thanks to technical mastery, has become possible even in the smallest of spaces. The HYM delta is also supported by a bass reflex system as well as a high quality crossover and precise control.

Together with HYM we offer you unique audio solutions and set new standards in sound, material, installation and design. We look forward to your feedback or inquiry!


We live in a very digitized and fast world. All the more important are fix points that elude interchangeability and embody authenticity.

There are a variety of personalized solutions for every home. Our solution is like a custom-made suit, it just sits perfect. Technology and devices do not provide the same service to every customer, but are adapted to the circumstances, habits of our customers.  The light can be automatically synchronize and change color to adapt to movies, video games or music. Heating systems are automatically controlled by intelligent thermostats, regardless of whether someone is at home or not. Follow access control from abroad with video stream live on your mobile device.  Attendance scenarios are stored in the device memory and later automatically played as absence scenarios. Finger and venous scans or face recognition open automatically doors and gates without a key.

In short: Technological scenarios are defined individually in such detail, that tasks such as alarm clocks, raising blinds, making coffee or playing music happens just on their own. With personal AI assistant or without. Just for the fun of it!

The works of Pius Galliker are classified as spontaneous realism. Painting with layers of paint, which appear to be spontaneously, but they are not. It does not have to be “right”, but it has to be harmonious. This requires an eye for the essentials, the trivial is omitted and characteristic is all the more emphasized.

Investing in valuable art and owning art makes you proud. You can either buy or rent Pius Galliker’s art. Visit us at Via Maistra 33, 7500 St. Moritz and let yourself be fascinated by Pius’s paintings. For more information please visit

We did it again! Our customer is completely satisfied with our smart home solution which we designed and implemented just for his residence in St. Moritz.

The demanding requirement: Combine design, lifestyle and ergonomics. For example, home automation, light and blind control, access control with venous scan, multi-room audio / video systems have been programmed on 15 and 7 inch Crestron touch panels. The Lutron light switches operate light and multimedia at the touch of a button. Automatic absence scenarios for a protected home controllable via smart phone and adaptive, environmentally friendly energy use included.

Result: A bespoke and innovative integration solution for a luxurious, safe living with a high quality of life.

Interested in how you can turn your home into a smart home? Then send a mail now!


Expand to Surround and experience immersing sound!

A movie lives or dies by the quality of its soundtrack. It’s the core of the experience. When it comes to immersing yourself in a film, sound trumps picture quality every time.

A Linn network player makes it easy to expand your system to surround sound. A flexible solution that lets you add surround speakers at the sides, as well as center and rear to suit. And of course you can drop in subwoofers to reinforce the bass too.

You own already a Linn System? Then it is even easier. A Surround Processing upgrade for Linn DSM (selected models) can be easily done,  providing on-board processing of up to 7.1 channels of Dolby and DTS audio* in a Surround Sound system with any passive speakers (any brand) or Linn Integrated Exakt speakers.

Call us we are happy to help you creating your own home cinema with an immersive sound experience.

* Supported formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS 96/24, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, PCM

Friday, March 22 at 19:00 at the Sound Vision House, Via Maistra 33, St. Moritz  

Join us in St. Moritz to celebrate Scotland’s best exports: Linn and Macallan whisky.

Discover the hidden delights and intricacies of music while dazzling your taste buds on this sensory journey. You’ll hear a selection of music from a range of genres played in exceptional quality – on a hand-crafted Linn music system, precision engineered in Scotland. Each track has been lovingly picked to perfectly complement the outstanding whiskies from The Macallan and one of their experts, Sietse Offringa, will be there to guide you through this unique tasting session.
Katie Wilson, from Glasgow tells music stories while you enjoy different whiskies. The “Water of Life” as the true translation of whisky is, rewards the taste buds with a world of new flavors. Look forward to a convivial round with good friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Time to talk and philosophize. Sign up here.