We finalized a customer’s dream for a very smart home on the white board, transferred them into the smart home drawings, and are ready to implement this state-of-the-art technology in his home.

The request was to have Design, Lifestyle and Ergonomics, so we combined intelligent home automation, security access system, a professional home cinema, multiroom audio / video systems incl. party mode and presented a bespoke and innovative integration solution.

The result:  Comfortable secure living and high quality of life.

Would like to learn more? Call us and let’s talk about how we can turn your home into an intelligent one.

Experience the brand-new dimension of sound.

The ASCENDO Immersive Audio Presentation Cinema in Ansbach sets new standards in sound quality, flexibility and user-friendliness. This theater supports all 3D immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X and represents technologically the most advanced cinema to date.

The enormously powerful, deep and yet extremely fast and precise bass combined with the indescribable levels, and dynamics reproduced absolutely free of coloration are simply breathtaking. Even the quietest noises are hit-off in detail with absolute naturalness. No matter how complex the film situation may be, the speech intelligibility is always fantastic. The ASCENDO Immersive Audio Reference cinema matches what is happening on the screen stunningly realistic. Questions? Please call and let us design your home cinema.

Everyone likes things in their home to be just right, and Savant makes it possible, because Savant designed their systems to match the way you live.

Through advanced technology that makes things simple, Savant helps you create unique experiences in your home—experiences that reflect your personality, preferences, and pace of life.

From scheduling your home to wake up before you do, to creating the perfect atmosphere for a dinner party, or turning on the lights and your favorite music to welcome you home at night, Savant makes it easy to have everything exactly the way you like it.

For ten years, Savant has been the home automation brand of choice for the world’s most luxurious homes, castles, and yachts. Now, for the first time, the experience is available to everyone.

Savant products are crafted to be so simple, and so enjoyable, that once you’ve turned your home into a Savant Home, you’ll never want to live any other way.

Vitrea, an Israeli company, stands out as an innovative leader in home automation technology. Engineers and designers contribute the best of both worlds to make exquisite products with superior functionality.
With years of experience in engineering and design, it became apparent that one size does not fit all which is why they have created different systems to meet the needs of every project. Vitrea’s  beautifully designed, innovative and reliable technological solutions are perfect for any home and business owners and enable them to control and connect their interior spaces in an elegant yet simple and affordable way. Sound Vision House is proud to be part of the Vitrea dealer family.

Sound Vision House was the proud host of the Linn Lounge. Pink Floyd presented by Katie Wilson, Linn was a huge success. All of our thirty guests enjoyed the music and the smart home presentation.

Thank you all for stopping by to share your music with us. It has been fun having you all.

Please stayed tuned for the details for the next Linn Lounge held in St. Moritz.


Vinyl overtakes downloads. Ten years ago, vinyl was as good as dead. But now the crisis has come to an end and sales have been picking up again for years, showing steady growth. Many DJs and fans stayed with them, others discover this medium just now. With a record you hold the technology in your hands and understand. Iconic covers turn them into collectors’ items.

It takes little. A good record player can be purchased just under Fr. 2000. Fancy spending more? Record players in the high-end range are individually assembled. The centerpiece, the cartridge, is also available in 24 carat gold, for an incomparable sound. We combined the Clearaudio “Innovation” with the pre-amplifier “Absolute Phone Inside.” The NAIM 500 series and the Focal Stella Utopia EM, a true high-end combination, creates an almost “live” experience. Just get the dusty record collection from the basement and clean them up. The record cleaning machine from Clearaudio ensures a professional cleaning – and we take care of it. So lean back, relax and enjoy all those redescovered treasures.

ISE Integrated Systems Europe is the world´s largest AV systems integration show and the European destination for the global A/V  and Smart Home world.

Always serving and providing our customers the latest cutting-edge technology, products and solutions, ISE Amsterdam is the perfect place to discover it all. We will be bringing back new design ideas, technologies and innovative products .

Let’s meet in Amsterdam to discover it all and plan the implementation of brand-new techonologies in your residence and superyacht.


In the last few years Linn’s DS has undergone some fantastic developments, including:

  • The introduction of Space Optimisation
  • Katalyst release, a true performance upgrade
  • Integration of 24-bit streaming service Qobuz Sublime+ and Spotify Connect

Purchase a Klimax DS or Klimax DSM and receive a complimentary Majik DSM. Purchase an Akurate DS or Akurate DSM and receive a complimentary Sekrit DSM.

The complimentary Majik DSM or Sekrit DSM equates to a whole new room of music. Captivate with music, movies and games to show the full potential of owning a Lin DSM player. A Linn source will make any system sound better.

Any questions? Please call us, we are happy to help.

Note: Klimax Exakt DSM and Akurate Exakt DSM are excluded from this offer. Orders must be placed latest 26 January 2018

As the holiday season arrives, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that it’s clients like you who make our business not only gratifying but very enjoyable!

Your continued trust, support and confidence is deeply appreciated. May your holidays be filled with joy, and your New Year abundant with health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy Holidays from the Sound Vision House Team.

On December 8th from 11.00 to 17.00, we invite you to our showroom at Via Maistra 33 in St. Moritz for a special sound demonstration. Naim and Sennheiser represents passionate music. You’re very welcome to dive with us into an unique world of voluminous and precise sound, provided by the new Naim range and the ultimate headphones of Sennheiser, the HE1 as well as the Clearaudio Innovation turntable.

If you’re ready for some fun after the sound expirience, you’re invented to join us at the ski track. The Corvatsch Snow Night is famous for its beauty – take a ride trough the enlightened Corvatsch ski track and enjoy some Aprés Ski with us.

For further information and registration, please click here.