Home technology can be challenging particularly in today’s ever-changing world. Frustrated, because the possibilities and options are overwhelming? Do not worry – we are here to help you with the aspects of home technology you find overwhelming. Too many options, unsure what to do? Tired of cables? Piles of remotes? WiFi is annoying? Call us, our consultation may open your eyes to new possibilities and keep an eye on your budget.



Sound Vision House’s team has a combined work experience of over 50 years in building smart homes and yachts. We follow Steve Job’s quote which reads: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around”. This philosophy drives the design and engineering process at Sound Vision House, so you have the best of all worlds:

functionality, reliability, and aesthetics. Systems are planned digitally and on paper – whether in new construction, remodelling, or in an existing home. We bring technology to the design table with architects, interior designers, builders.


Support & Help

Home technology can be confusing, is ever-changing, and annoying when it does not work, the way you like it. Just as a vehicle needs regular maintenance and over time requires service or replacement of parts, the same is true with smart technology and integrated systems. When something goes wrong, which is an inevitable truth about electronics, we will be there to fix it quickly. Do not worry, we are here to help when you find your home technology to be overwhelming.

Want peace of mind? We provide continued tuning and system adjustments at set time intervals based on your unique solution to maximize performance levels. Talk to us about a 7/24 Service Contract.



Our goal is to make your technology invisible as much as possible but bringing out the best of today’s available technologies. We accomplish this by working with your favourite architect and interior decorator. Flush-mounting systems in any form or shape and colour can be mounted to any surface. Elegance and sophistication is maintained to the aesthetics of your space whether it’s contemporary, transitional or traditional.

Transferring an idea into a document the entire building team can understand and use is an important piece to any project. Our System Engineers are drawing the entire multimedia system including all interfaces. Your architect needs to know the details of SVH delivered component technology. The interior designer needs to know where all the gadgets are placed so they can match the design. The builder needs the plan to know where all electrical cables are to be laid. Perfectly and clearly-defined drawings outline device locations, wiring, power requirements, connections, and much more. These drawings are used by all people involved to ensure all planned things come together as expected. The same documents will provide the base for the training of staff and any for any future service.



We believe in personal relationships, that multimedia makes life better and low-quality products are never a good choice. We understand that technology changes rapidly, but your experience stays the same. We believe in making your life easier, in intuitive control of your entertainment, comfort and ambiance. We believe that there should be no manual required. We believe in marking every wire, tightening every screw, testing every connection and button; until we have reached our high work standard. Frankly, we believe in doing it perfect  the first time around.  We believe in being transparent, honest and open. We believe in being compliant with was defined in the Scope of Work and fulfilling requested specification.  We believe in being within budget We believe in being on time and not wasting it. We believe in sustainability and in taking care of nature. We stand behind what we sell and are always here for you after the buy. We believe in delivering the final product to perform for its intended purpose. We believe in quality partnerships, after project support, good vibes, neat appearance and solving issues together and most importantly in being committed to you and your investment.


Ready to put the plan into action? All of the parts and pieces of a smart home technology system need to be executed with skill, precision, and craftsmanship. We are always on-site to make sure you receive a high quality and performance and to interact with all parties involved. We stay at the construction site until the last screw is in, all buttons have been pressed and the customer has signed of the acceptance protocol.

Rest assure, that we will go the last mile with the same accuracy as the 99 before, so you can enjoy your smart home with peace of mind.


We value our customer’s privacy and do not publish our list of happy customers and our projects accomplished. Please inquire personally for any reference or case studies.