Many best agers in the 50-plus generation would like to live independently within their own four walls for as long as possible. This is where technology can help and support: With a smart home home automation system, certain scenarios can be programmed in your own home and thus support the normal processes or, if necessary, automatically call for help. In the event of an emergency, you can activate all lights and alarm systems and inform relatives with a single push of the panic button. Care services can also be closely integrated into the Smart Home.

But of course the pleasant things can also be easily regulated and controlled at the same time via a touch panel. Pre-programmed scenarios for light, TV, music, heating, blinds offer a lot of comfort and simplify life. With the help of sensors, e.g. the sun blinds, heating, light become independent and regulate themselves automatically, saving electricity included!  Motion and presence detectors simplify daily life. A motion detector can ensure that the cooker switches off if there is no one in the kitchen for a certain period of time. So you can forget about the pot.  The entrance door is monitored with picture and sound and shows the owner in the house who rings the doorbell. As soon as the doorbell rings, the video camera at the entrance transmits the live image and the intercom is activated – a finger wipe is enough to open the front door to people you know without having to get up. The door can also be opened using a chip or code – no more searching for keys. Life becomes simple and easy, saving money inclusive!

When leaving the apartment, a single “button” can be used to switch off the entire apartment and activate the alarm system. If windows are still open, the house control system reminds you to close them by means of an audio-visual display. This gives security and a good feeling.

These are just a few ideas of what a smart home can look like.  The Smart Home / apartment needs to be well planned and properly implemented. Just ask us. We will help you to transform your home into a sustainable Smart Home.