Smart Home

What is a smart home / intelligent building technology?

In a smart building, different systems are connected and communicate with each other via a control center. The control of this futureproof building technology can include components such as lighting, shading, multimedia, air conditioning, video intercom and alarm systems. Networking can be either an open system (WLAN or Bluetooth), closed system (manufacturer-specific radio protocol) or centralized via bus system (permanently installed cables. These intelligent technologies enable automated sequences of technical processes in living rooms, office buildings and hotels. The individual installations can be controlled via app on the smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop from the control center. Whether a single or multi-family home, a conversion or a new built – we will show you the best “Smart Home” solutions.

Your time is maximized, your life simplified, and your home or workplace functions better when all your intelligent products and systems work together for you. Remember your routine when you leave home or office. Turn ooff the lights, set the heating, lock doors, turn off the TV and open your garage door? One touch of a button could do all this for you as you rush out the door. If the remote controls are piling up in front of the TV or in the boardroom, or light switches are causing you stress, our integrated solutions will streamline your space and provide maximum comfort. If an intuitive and simplified approach to home automation is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.