Intelligent Home Automation – Your Smart Home the Way You Like It!

Rollable TV Screen

Not the individual devices, which are embedded into a system are automatically smart, it is their automation and cross linking that make the huge difference. Because they are embedded their electronic is growing far beyond their initial intention. As a Crestron Gold Partner or with Savant, we centralize and cross link various systems such as light, audio, video, heating, air condition, access and temperature control together, program and visualize them into a graphic user interface or just in an App. Better yet, we simply reduce it to the max into one single Crestron remote control.

Not keen to see your media technology? No problem! We have the know-how and “hide” the electronic components without changing the interior design. Like to be informed even when traveling? No problem! The App on your smartphone allows secure access to the property or superyacht. The intelligent home automation not only controls all systems comfortably and user-friendly, but also adds value to the property and investment.

Smart Home live experience

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Video Surveillance, Alarm Systems, Access Control

Lights, Shades, Pre-set Scenarios, Comfort

Intuitive controlled home automation

Heating, Air Condition, Energy and Cost Saving

Concept Planning & Consulting Services

The current situation and customer requests are considered and defined as precisely as possible during the first consultation meeting on site or at our premises. Your advantage: independent, solution-oriented approach to the entire home automation. Bespoke and individual service; Support continuity and just one person of contact to discuss your plans and ideas.

We plan all details of the project and coordinate the individual steps with architects and third parties involved. As a specialist planner and system integrator we warrant an excellent interaction with all teams involved. The concept for a home automation – from the standard house to an intelligent home – is based on years of experience. Each customer will receive a bespoke concept and proposal, taking all of their ideas and requirements into consideration.

We organize all hardware and our team installs and connects them, always keeping close contact to other supplier and building teams. The software programming script is written in close collaboration with the client or architect. As integrators, we have our own Crestron and Lutron programmers and provide first level customer support.

During the first acceptance inspection we show you your intelligent home and draft up an acceptance protocol. Additional programming requests, if feasible, will be integrated.

At final acceptance, the system and project documentation will be submitted and explained. Introduction and user training of all system-relevant operating options will be done on site.

Upon request, we will be happy to revisit the site a few months later to adjust some programming, if so desired.

You would like to update and maintain the system regularly? No problem, ask us about our service contract terms and conditions.

Home Automation – Smartly Integrated

Since the invention of smartphones and tablets, it’s clear that audio and video is no longer just played and watched in the living room. Because of this flexibility and mobility with Smartphone & Co., media of any kind is used wherever you are, anywhere, anytime.
We cross link and integrate the entire media technology into all rooms and visualize the control into the App. All components can alternatively be installed either in each room or centralized and hidden anywhere in the home.

Cinema is enjoyment and relaxation at its best. All of it can be enjoyed comfortably in your own home cinema today. Placed in the “sweet spot” which is calculated by us to have the perfect spot to dive into the high resolutions pictures and enjoy the surround sound. Feel and be in it.  The canvas can either be hidden into the ceiling or classically covered by a curtain. We evaluate the space, plan and research for best suitable equipment such as screen, video projector and electronics. Strong sound reflections on walls, floors and ceilings are avoided by taking acoustical adjustment measurements.

We work closely with light designers and architects, and in particular with the market leader Lutron, the lighting control specialist since 1961. This allows us to have excellent access to Lutron’s wide range of products. Dimmers, blinds and lights are fully integrated and automated into Lutron’s lighting system. Home owners become artists, who design each room to provide its own (light) character – and we integrate it into the system. The light and shade control is a bus system, thus it is easy to have many predefined light and shading scenarios. Subsequent adaptations, unlike conventional installations, require no further structural measurements. With the smart lighting and shading control, presence or absence simulation can also be activated anytime, which contributes to safety and security.

Sensors are omnipresent in a smart, system-integrated house, and the issue of security is becoming increasingly important and a growing need in today’s world. We program 3D room plans into touch panels and smartphones, thus, at a glance, the triggered alarms are visible immediately.

In our projects we consider the following safety factors:

  • Access control with video display on smartphones or touch panel
  • Locking systems with biometric identification options
  • Intercom, operable from home or abroad
  • Internal and external alarm, with signaling in case of unauthorized access
  • Checking and signaling of open doors and windows
  • Alarms in case of Force Majeure, like fire, water, wind
  •  Automatic operation of blinds in case of storms or high wind
  • Emergency call buttons for health issues or security relevant alarms
  • Predefined emergency scenarios (a responsible person or the responsible authorities are automatically contacted)

The top priority is network security. The home automation is built on a secure, fire wall protected WLAN.

Environmental protection and the moderate use of energy, plays an important role in our lives. Efficient use of energy is no temporary fashion, but more important than ever. With Lutron lighting control, energy savings goes hand in hand with increased comfort and design. Just by automatically controlling the amount of daylight, the cost of heating or cooling can be significantly reduced. The integrated weather station regulates the indoor climate, the interaction between ventilation, heating and air conditioning is automatically energy-efficient operated. The home owner only has to set the temperature values, everything else is controlled by the system.

Never has money and energy saving been easier. Our concept is convincingly simple.