The 2nd Retrock Openair is taking place in Ruswil from 19 June until 21 June 2015 and ten different bands will be playing during this time. The promoter of the Retrock Openair is proud to present the band Haïrdrÿer – their album “Off to Haïradise” reached an astronomical height of 32’000 m, thus the highest album promoting in the world. Also, among others, the band Sickret is on stage having just recently returned from their tour in Cuba.

Visitors will also enjoy a great variety of drinks and food – Pizza from the wood stove, juicy steaks from the charcoal grill to name a few and of course the various famous and infamous special Retrock-Drinks.

Marco Galliker is, apart from his work at SVH, volunteer acting president as well as operational manager of the festival. Marco Portmann is responsible for the initial technical setup (installation/disassembly) as well as for the technical support during the live gigs.

The entire team of SVH is enthusiastic about live music acts and enjoys frequent visits to concerts of all genres. SVH is proud to support such happenings like Retrock Openair.