Because of the new offices in Pontresina – St. Moritz we have been awarded interesting, high-end projects.

At one residence  we were requested to update ten televisions to Loewe TV’s incl. BluRay player, Apple TV and special IP TV boxes for the reception of Swedish programs. This new configuration required the replacement of the entire satellite systemand a new configuration of the home WiFi challenging the bandwidth issues as experienced in the valley of Engadin.

Another project included the redesign of  the graphic user interface on a Windows Panel: The control for lighting in an  indoor swimming pool, was minimized from eight to one page and also linked to an ipad. Thus, the user friendliness has been increased enormously.

In all three projects, we have achieved the targets as agreed to  the fullest satisfaction of the owner, owner’s representative and technicians in charge. It is our motivation to perform always at the highest level and to be the most innovative company in the Engadin valley.