Breathe deeply, cool down, relax!

When  it gets uncomfortably hot in the lowlands,  the Engadine is the ideal refuge to escape heat, noise and crowded outdoor pools for a while. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful panoramas and the clear, fresh air in the Engadine.
Come by at our shop at Via Maistra 33 in St. Moritz. Our NAIM 500 system with the Focal Stella Utopa EM speakers offers an audiophile experience, hot rhythms and cool sound. The active love it perhaps still more active? Linn Klimax 350, these active speakers guarantee perfect sound. The effortless clarity and absolutely precise localization of all voices and instruments are phenomenal.
Escape the heat, off to St. Moritz! At an altitude of 1822m you can expect an all around “cool” thing.


Vinyl overtakes downloads. Ten years ago, vinyl was as good as dead. But now the crisis has come to an end and sales have been picking up again for years, showing steady growth. Many DJs and fans stayed with them, others discover this medium just now. With a record you hold the technology in your hands and understand. Iconic covers turn them into collectors’ items.

It takes little. A good record player can be purchased just under Fr. 2000. Fancy spending more? Record players in the high-end range are individually assembled. The centerpiece, the cartridge, is also available in 24 carat gold, for an incomparable sound. We combined the Clearaudio “Innovation” with the pre-amplifier “Absolute Phone Inside.” The NAIM 500 series and the Focal Stella Utopia EM, a true high-end combination, creates an almost “live” experience. Just get the dusty record collection from the basement and clean them up. The record cleaning machine from Clearaudio ensures a professional cleaning – and we take care of it. So lean back, relax and enjoy all those redescovered treasures.