Give your home an avant-garde touch!

Play with your light with design switches from Basalte: Chopin – Meet the Maestro! Virtuoso and stylish. In a way, controlling the Chopin keypads feels a bit like playing the piano. Push the levers up or down for lights or curtains or music. Just as you like.

Be inspired by Fibonacci’s golden ratio. Fibonacci switches bring natural beauty to your home. The touch-sensitive surface creates effortless operation and control. The symbols and text labels can be customized to your exact needs.

Fibonacci, Chopin or Sentido, all are real eye-catchers and turn a simple switch into a designer piece. Let yourself be inspired and watch this.

Decide today for sustainable, environmentally conscious, power efficient LED along with Basalte’s new avant-garde keypads. Ask us, we are happy to advise you.