The works of Pius Galliker are classified as spontaneous realism. Painting with layers of paint, which appear to be spontaneously, but they are not. It does not have to be “right”, but it has to be harmonious. This requires an eye for the essentials, the trivial is omitted and characteristic is all the more emphasized.

Investing in valuable art and owning art makes you proud. You can either buy or rent Pius Galliker’s art. Visit us at Via Maistra 33, 7500 St. Moritz and let yourself be fascinated by Pius’s paintings. For more information please visit

We did it again! Our customer is completely satisfied with our smart home solution which we designed and implemented just for his residence in St. Moritz.

The demanding requirement: Combine design, lifestyle and ergonomics. For example, home automation, light and blind control, access control with venous scan, multi-room audio / video systems have been programmed on 15 and 7 inch Crestron touch panels. The Lutron light switches operate light and multimedia at the touch of a button. Automatic absence scenarios for a protected home controllable via smart phone and adaptive, environmentally friendly energy use included.

Result: A bespoke and innovative integration solution for a luxurious, safe living with a high quality of life.

Interested in how you can turn your home into a smart home? Then send a mail now!


The Val Müstair will once again be in the internattional spotlight as it will be hosting the FIS Tour de Ski on New Years Day 2019. The home of the Biosfera Val Müstair Nature Park and the Cologna brothers is hosting this event  for the 4th time already. World-class athletes, emotions and World Cup points are to be won in the free technique (Sprint F) – a lot is at stake in the Val Müstair.

… .. and right in the middle of it is Sound Vision House AG. As an official supplier and supporter, we are thrilled to support the international cross-country skiing world elite in Val Müstair. This competition is an absolute “must see” for every cross-country fan. Look forward to a great sports event and enjoy winter sports on and off the slopes. Allegra in the Val Müstair!

Breathe deeply, cool down, relax!

When  it gets uncomfortably hot in the lowlands,  the Engadine is the ideal refuge to escape heat, noise and crowded outdoor pools for a while. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful panoramas and the clear, fresh air in the Engadine.
Come by at our shop at Via Maistra 33 in St. Moritz. Our NAIM 500 system with the Focal Stella Utopa EM speakers offers an audiophile experience, hot rhythms and cool sound. The active love it perhaps still more active? Linn Klimax 350, these active speakers guarantee perfect sound. The effortless clarity and absolutely precise localization of all voices and instruments are phenomenal.
Escape the heat, off to St. Moritz! At an altitude of 1822m you can expect an all around “cool” thing.


Fall in love with your music again!

Celebrate 45 years of getting you closer to the original performance. Exchange your legacy Linn product and get 10% off a new one, for a limited time only!

45 years of brilliant performance

Linn’s goal is to bring you closer to your favorite music, to experience every single note and to make your music sound as clear and powerful as ever. Since the launch of the very first product, the Sondek LP12 turntable icon, Linn has been the leading company in audio technology. Find out how to bring your system up to date with our latest products and enjoy your music even more.

Some of Linn’s biggest hits

Let us review some of the highlights from their five decades of innovation in which they have designed and manufactured products that deliver exceptional detail and bring you closer to the original sound.

1973: Sondek LP12

For over four decades, the LP12 is the unrivaled masterpiece in turntable design. A revolutionary icon is still evolving. Time for an upgrade? Experience the ultimate in vinyl playback with our flagship Klimax LP12.

1997: Sondek CD12

The Sondek CD12 set new standards in the performance of CD players and design standards and was the first device to feature a precision-engineered housing milled from a solid block of aluminum. This was the beginning of our flagship series Klimax. Time for an upgrade? See how our Klimax DSM Network Player brings you closer to your favorite music.

2002: Komri Speakers

The flagship speakers from Linn at the time, and the first to incorporate Linn driver technology to replicate a single-point source as accurately as possible, providing a more consistent sound for the audience. Replace your tunebox with an Exactbox – the ultimate performance upgrade for your Aktiv Komri speakers.

2007: Klimax DS

The first network music player to truly deserve this name, and set a benchmark that will stand the test of time. With the use of our new Katalyst DAC architecture, Klimax DS has set the bar even higher. You already have the best music source! Find out how integrated loudspeakers with Exakt technology or an Exact box ensure that your system can experience the natural sound that the artist recorded.

Time for an upgrade?

Fall in love with your music again! Get a 10% discount on a new Linn product* when exchanging an older Linn device. Starting from 2 July to 27 August 2018. To the next 45 years!

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