We live in a very digitized and fast world. All the more important are fix points that elude interchangeability and embody authenticity.

There are a variety of personalized solutions for every home. Our solution is like a custom-made suit, it just sits perfect. Technology and devices do not provide the same service to every customer, but are adapted to the circumstances, habits of our customers.  The light can be automatically synchronize and change color to adapt to movies, video games or music. Heating systems are automatically controlled by intelligent thermostats, regardless of whether someone is at home or not. Follow access control from abroad with video stream live on your mobile device.  Attendance scenarios are stored in the device memory and later automatically played as absence scenarios. Finger and venous scans or face recognition open automatically doors and gates without a key.

In short: Technological scenarios are defined individually in such detail, that tasks such as alarm clocks, raising blinds, making coffee or playing music happens just on their own. With personal AI assistant or without. Just for the fun of it!