For all of you who don’t have the Tagesanzeiger in your subscription – online or just the printed (analogue) version – but are looking for vinyl records again, then please read on here.

You will find the friendliest clerk at HUM Records, the biggest selection at 16 Tons, Oor Records for the avant-garde amongst you and the DJ’s search at http://www.sihlrecords.comSihl Records. You can find the Tagi excerpt here. If you can’t open it, just send us a mail and we will send it to you.

So if you found what you were looking for and you proudly have some new vinyl in your hands, then you still need the right turntable with accessories, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Sound Vision House.

Come by and let us advise you which tonearm, pickup, drive and preamplifier will now fit your system.

We love vinyl and analog music listening. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.