Navad-1000, a  mountain bike nonstop race over 1000 km from Romanshorn to Freddy Mercury to Montreux.

Pablo Breitschmid took up the challenge of the NAVAD-1000 2017. Navad-1000, a completely new format of a mountain bike endurance race in Switzerland does not need any need support cars, no mechanics, no crew members, no road-closures, no marshals and no signposts or parties. Every biker is completely on one’s own on the whole tour. It’s simple: If you cannot do it without external support, better not to enter….

No entry fee, no outside support, no prizemoney, no excuses, nonstop

Pablo Breitschmid crossed the finishing line and met Freddy Mercury having ridden 1,000 km, climbed 31’0000 meters in altitude in 9 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes. What a ride – what a challenge!

Congratulations Pablo to an outstanding performance and excellent achievement.